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SPG Signature Performance Gear Foil

Quality gear from South Africa

Signature Performance Gear

From the heart of surf mecca Hawaii,  to skate capital of California, across the ocean to wild Africa – Welcome to the exciting story of Signature Performance Gear.
Little did we at Signature realize that living in the above 3 places + meeting key people at each base, would ultimately become essential ingredients when it came to creating a unique and authentic lifestyle sports brand.

For the founders, Ivan & Nathan van Vuuren, plus those now a part of the Signature family,  everyday life consists of creating, innovating and producing surf, skate, SUP + foil boarding products for families around the world to enjoy.

More than just the best performance products, SPG is about people, from different walks of life, beginners to pros, young and old, with the love to express life through riding.

Over the past 30 years Ivan and his family have given birth and been involved in many surf , skate, SUP and production companies including; Wild Banana Surf designs, Coreban SUP,  Country Rhythm Surfboards, Ethos Skateboards as well as Premier Hawaii, rated by Discovery as one of the worlds leading extreme sports production companies.

Establishing Premier Productions in Hawaii 1996, was key in not only documenting the worlds top water sports athletes pioneering new frontiers, but also connecting with many that are now a part of the Signature brand.  The passion to produce quality continues into the very heartbeat of every Signature product, as together with top designers and riders, revolutionary performance products are created for you to enjoy your ride.

Signature is made up of legendary designers, shapers, world champion riders, athletes and new school innovators that have, and are, “Leaving their mark”. When you join the Signature family, know that each product you purchase has been specifically designed with excellence for you to enjoy + to help take your riding to a new dimension. With this we realise that there’s a lot of tech talk, construction methods + different tech language used  that may vary in different countries so please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.
As we ride together on waves, roads and life we look forward to the exciting journey ahead, so wherever your path may take you, join us and….
“Enjoy the ride”
Team Signature

No crowd, just wind and good company


Jericoacoara or Jeri is a small fishing village located in the northeast of Brazil. A wingsurf paradise with one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in the world, surrounded by dunes, freshwater lagoons, and pure nature. With our private boat and 4×4 vehicles, we’ll not only fly over the waters of the impressive beach of Jericoacoara but also the lagoons in the area like Lagoa do Paraíso for a unique wing experience. Jeri is the perfect spot to learn or progress your foil and wing skills with the personal attention of our professional wingmen.

An ocean view in a piece of paradise


Vila Gallina Pousada is a family-run, rustic-style inn surrounded by stunning nature located 300km from Fortaleza airport. Vila Gallina provides internet access via WIFI, air-conditioned suites, and relaxed hang-out areas with a panoramic view of Jericoacoara beach. A dreamy scenery for your wingsurf adventures. Explore the wild nature of Jericoacoara and enjoy the perfect wind for an incredible wing experience.

Score the best wind conditions


Our package includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • 2 BBQ nights
  • Foil & wing coaching sessions 5 days/2 hours
  • 2 private drivers with 4×4 pickup trucks
  • 1 private boat
  • Transport to wing spots 
  • Fishing trips
  • Transfer from/to Fortaleza airport


€ 1299,-
Experience Jeri with add-on adventures


During your stay with us, you’ll have the opportunity to join us on extra adventures:

  • Zero2Hero: if you have never foiled before or want to go through the basics, join the 10-hour course, and we’ll get you up and flying within a week in the perfect wing spot.  
  • Prone foiling: experience the energy of the water and have fun in conditions you never thought it was possible. Pump your board and catch some waves from ocean energy.
  • Tow-in foil surfing: practice your foiling skills behind our private boat. Experience tow-in foil surfing and get better at riding waves on the foil!



€ 650,-

Prone foiling:

€ ??,-

Tow-in foil surfing:

€ ??,-
The Team


Get in touch


If you have any Questions, feel free to send us a message (text, whatsapp) on the foil & wing school phone +31 (0) 6 1119 4989

We keep our word


Wing Surfing and Foiling isn’t the most difficult sport to master, it just takes time, the right material and awesome teachers. That is our promise!

Score the best wind conditions


Our package includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • 2 BBQ nights
  • Foil & wing equipment
  • Foil & wing intermediate/expert coaching sessions 5 days/2 hours
  • Fishing trips with our private boat
  • Transport to wing spots 
  • Transfer from/to Fortaleza airport


€ 1299,-
#masterthefoil #ruletheoceans


Find the wingmen in the wild and make sure to follow us at: